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PLC RTU Panels, engineering, drawings and documentation, supply, FAT, on-site installation and commissioning, SAT, handover, training. 

PLC programming, finalization of control narratives, sequence verification, simulation of software logics, HMI graphics design and development.

Pump motors controls through Local, Auto or SCADA commands.

Communication with third party systems i.e. chlorination, UPS, MCC etc

Communication of pumping station RTU/PLCs with Main SCADA system through wired and/or wireless solution.

Communication protocols e.g. Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Motorola’s IRRInet etc 3G/4G cellular modem based solution for interfacing of pumping station with Main SCADA center.

Redundant Media connectivity through multiple links

Fiber Optic based solutions for interfacing with main SCADA Center.

VFDs Panels, engineering, drawings and documentation, supply, FAT, on-site installation and commissioning, SAT.

VFD configuration on the basis of Pump Motor, interfacing with PLC/RTU.

Providing PID based control to maintain the water requirement pressure

in case of variation of demands for water usage and requirements from end users.

Status of VFDs for each pump motor on Main SCADA system

IMU panels for the monitoring of analog values

IMU panels design and development

Signal splitters / Digital meters for the monitoring of analog values e.g. pressure, level, temperature etc.

Panels for providing the isolation between PLC outputs prior to feed

     to the field instruments

Relays status monitoring option is available for self-diagnostic etc.

Relay interfacing panels are of customized design, and developed to meet

     the specific requirements of projects i.e. can be used to provide the

hardwired logic for certain function(s)

Engineering, Supply, Installation and commissioning of field instruments, e.g. Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, RTDs, etc

Development of Instrument specifications, instrument datasheets, installation and mounting details with hookup drawings etc 

Sunshade / canopy for field instruments

Calibration and configuration of field instruments.

Engineering, Supply, Installation and commissioning of VMS system

Condition monitoring of pumping station motors for each axis

Condition monitoring for preventative maintenance

Vibration curves for detailed analysis (FFT graphs for in-depth exploration)

IEPE accelerometers to measures the vibrations, support to monitor the vibrations in displacement, velocity as well as in acceleration.

Tripping specific motor / pump on the basis of vibration values, alarm in

SCADA / HMI system as well as logging of events in server etc